1).Toll Fees, Inter-State Permit charges (if any) are extra.
2).Driver bata is Rs. 300/- per day for Round Trip.3).One way Drop Charges from Pickup Place to Drop Places (Oneway Charges Only).
4).Round Trip – Night Halt Charges – Nil5).Drop Trips – Driver Bata Rs. 300. [above 300kms 1Rs per km extra]
6).Hill Station Charges – Rs. 300(To and Fro 500Rs)7).we do not switch on A/C while traveling upwards in hill station. Also while parked or stopped.
8).Round Trips – Minimum running must be 250kms per day. For Bengaluru it is minimum 300kms per day.
9).Drop Trips – Minimum running must be 130 kms per day. 1 day means 1 Calender day (from midnight 12 to Next Midnight 12).10).Waiting Charges will be Rs.2 per min.(Except 30 min for food.)
11).Total Number of Kilometers will be Calculated From Departure point to Departure Point(Places where we start.

Outstation Cabs – Terms and Conditions

1.) By booking with us, you agree to our Terms and conditions.

2.) The purpose of our service is strictly limited to transportation purpose only. Using the platform for the transfer of any unlawful goods or unlawful activities are strictly.

3.) Disrespect or misrepresentation of the brand or marketing of any other brand inside our platform are strictly prohibited.

4.) Do not make any direct booking with a driver for Future trips as we are not responsible for any happening for trips that are not booked through our platform.

5.) All cancellations made are subject to our cancellation policy.

6.) One-way trips can be booked only for more than 130 kms. If you travel less than 130 kms, it will be still counted only as 130 kms.

7.) You are unable to modify your booking. You can only cancel it and rebook or you can reach out to the Support Team.

8.) You will not be allowed to switch from Round trip to One way or from one way to Round trip once the journey starts.

9.) Cancellation can’t be done once the trip starts.

10.) Make sure to plan your trips in advance. Reke India is not liable for any compensation whatsoever in any such instances of missed trains of flights.

11.) Minor repairs can be managed by the drivers. In case of major break down, we shall arrange an alternate cab. On cases where we are unable to do so, you will not be charged for that trip. If Multi day trip, you will not be charged for the remaining days.

12.) Driver have all rights to cancel a trip, if you have excessive of luggage or if there is excessive of persons than the vehicle capacity. Please reach out to our customer care on such disputes.

13.) Drivers have the rights to refuse to carry any passenger who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behaviour poses a threat to the driver or the vehicle.

14.) Dis-respect of drivers or using foul language to drivers is not appreciated. Drivers have the rights to withdraw a trip (on the advice of Outstation Cabs), if he is dis-respected or if feels threat to his life and property.

15.) Under no circumstance the Offer/Discount being offered will be settled or exchanged in cash or through any mode of payment. We shall not honour any discount, if you fail to add promo code before completing the trip.

16.) Outstation Cabs is not liable for any compensation for any damage to life or property and however all disputes has to be settled with the third party(driver-partner) providing the services.

17.) We shall also reserve the right to suspend Your Account without any notice to you in the event we suspect that your account is being used in a manner that violates our terms and reputation.

18.) Outstation Cabs reserves the right to add, change or remove any part of these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, without notice. Any changes to these disclaimer or any terms posted on this site applies as soon as they are posted.


Cancellation Policy :

Cancellation made within 24 hrs of Trip time


10% of Trip fare.

Cancellation made within 5 hrs of Trip time


15% of Trip fare.

Cancellation made after the trip time


No refund on advance made.

Cancellation made due to excessive luggage/ excessive person/ consumption of alcohol/ Exceeded waiting hours during pickup without informing the driver or the Support team


5% of Trip fare.


Important Instructions During a Trip :

1.) Your booking is subject to Outstation Cabs Terms and Conditions.

2.) You will receive the cab details anytime before 2-3 hours of the trip time.

3.) Please check the vehicle number plate colour, number before boarding the cab and we shall not be responsible for travelling in any vehicle that is not commercially licensed or the cab details doesn’t match with the one we have assigned to you.

4.) Do not make any direct bookings with the drivers for future trips. We are not responsible for any happenings in any trip that is not booked directly through us.

5.) During one way trips, you can take short breaks up to 15-20 minutes for food or snacks. However if the time exceeds 20 minutes or if there is any sightseeing or waiting on the way, you will be charged Rs. 120/hour as waiting charges.

6.) One way drops are meant to pick you from your source location and drop you at the destination. No sightseeing or waiting at starting city or destination city is not appreciated. Any waiting or deviation (which are not mentioned during the booking) may result in chaos and waiting charges as the vehicles may be assigned to pick up another customer from your destination.

7.) For one way trips, always board the cab on time. The cab may wait for a maximum of 15-20 minutes during pickup (except for airport pickups if informed us about possibility of delay). If the customer failed to turn up after waiting for 15-20 minutes, waiting charges may apply or the driver may cancel the trip and rescheduling can be made only with an updated trip fare. Cancellation policies apply.

8.) You can cancel your reservation by logging into to our website. All bookings cancelled shall be subjected to our Cancellation policy.

9.) Always make sure the passenger and luggage, quantity/size are appropriate for the vehicle you book. Any excess luggage or passenger that the vehicle can’t carry, the driver may cancel the trip. Cancellation policies apply.

10.) Round Trips and Multiway trips doesn’t have any waiting charges. You can visit any places on the way. Extension of days may lead to change in Trip fare or driver allowance charges. One day means one calendar day (12am midnight to 11.59pm).

11.) You may ask the driver for identification to ensure you are riding with a proper driver. Drivers may ask for your identification too. Always carry an ID proof and please show, if the driver requests to confirm your identity. Failure to provide any identification will make your booking subject to cancellation. Cancellation policy applies.

12.) Things mentioned in Special Instructions are only a note for us to know your requirements. We will make sure to communicate them to the driver. However, We do not assure them.

13.) We assure only a category of a vehicle. You may get any vehicle on that category. We do not assure any specific car make or model.

14.) Parking charges, Airport Entry fees or any other form of Entry fees are NOT INCLUDED in the quotation. The customer is responsible for all such additional charges incurred during the trip. Any directly paid tolls, permit or parking bills has to be collected only from the driver directly from the driver during the trip.

15.) We provide only A/C cabs. However, for drives in hilly regions, the air conditioning may be switched off to prevent engine overload.

16.) Make sure you keep all the valuables only with you. Do not handover the valuables to the driver or keep in a carrier.

17.) Cabs are subject to delay of 10-15 minutes sometimes, due to the factors of climate or traffic. Always board the cab or plan the trip as early as possible as we are not liable for any compensation for the missing flight or missing sightseeing plans.

18.) Any issues, reach out to the support team and provide complaints and feedback once the trip ends through the feedback form you receive in your email. Have a good journey !

Outstation Cabs General Instructions

1.) Do not use foul language inside the vehicle.

2.) Do not to share Your personal information with drivers.

3.) Do not smoke or consume alcohol inside the vehicle.

4.) Please wear seat belt and report to us in case of rash driving.

5.) Do not sell or promote other brands inside our platform.

6.) You are expected to keep Your belongings with You only. Drivers are not responsible for any kind of losses. However we will try our best to check with the drivers and help you further.

7.) You shall not carry your pets or any other animal(s) in the Vehicle.

8.) Always try to have a friendly environment with the driver and treat them good so as the driver always tries to do with you. This will make a trip memorable for both of them. Have a Happy Journey !


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